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Independent Police Complaints Commission



Q1: What type of complaint can I make at the Commission?

The Commission investigates into any complaint made by any person against any act, conduct or omission of a police officer in the discharge of his functions, other than a complaint of an act of corruption or a money laundering offence.

Q2: How should I proceed to make a complaint at the Commission?

A person has to call personally at the Independent Police Complaints Commission, 4th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis. The complainant may be accompanied by his/her lawyer. The complainant can also make a declaration at the nearest police station and the police shall forthwith forward the complaint to the Commissioner of Police who shall, within 2 days from receipt of the complaint, forward to the Secretary of the Commission a copy of the complaint, and shall not investigate further into the complaint.

Q3: Can I make a complaint about a contravention at the IPCC?

You can complain to us if you are not satisfied with the conduct of the police during the occurrence of the incident. However, as far as the contravention is concerned, the IPPC cannot intervene. You are free to challenge the contravention in Court and may seek legal advice.

Q4: Is there a time limit for making a complaint at the Commission?

According to section 10(2) of the IPCC Act, the Commission shall not investigate into a complaint unless it is made within one year from the day on which the complainant first had notice of the matter alleged in the complaint. However, the Commission may conduct an investigation into a complaint made after one year if it considers that there are special circumstances which make it proper to do so.

Q5: I have a disability. How can the Commission help me to make a complaint?

According to section 11 of the IPCC Act, the complaint may be made or continued by your personal representative, a member of your family or any other person designated by you.

Q6: Can I make a complaint by phone or by email?

No, you should personally call at the Commission to make a complaint.

Q7: Does the Commission have police officers among its staff?

No serving police officer forms part of the staff of the Commission.

Q8: Does the Commission investigate into allegation of an act of corruption or money laundering offence against a police officer on duty?


Q9: Can I withdraw my complaint after enquiry has started by the Commission?

Yes, you can do so at any moment.